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Uni Survival Tips

You’re at uni!

These are def the best and worst times you’re gonna have, making tonnes of friends, going out loads, studying loads (obvs), and sorting out your future, all on a budget though. So how you gonna do it? Here’s a few tips to help save some £££ where you can:

Exercise For Free

You’re going to be partying hard at the start of the term, and why not? It’s a great way to meet people and find your new friends, but all that alcohol and junk food could start piling on the pounds. Exercise is also a great stress reliever from revision and studies, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out Park Run, a free organised run in your local park with loads of support to help you get started or improve your time if you’re already used to running.

Loads of parks have workout equipment there to use, so don’t be shy, find a time that suits you, rock up and get yourself a totally free workout!

If you want to shut the world out, then hit up YouTube and find an exercise that’ll work for you – but make sure the instructor is qualified by a relevant body, you don’t want to hurt yourself. Everything is there, from yoga to bodybuilding, with plenty of info on how to get started.

If you’re lucky enough to be on the coast or near water, check out local clubs like sailing, rowing and wild swimming in case they’re looking for new members.

Super comfy and stretchy, our range of tracksuits will make sure you look good while working up a sweat.

Eat Well

Making sure you’re getting a balanced diet and eating well is the best way to keep yourself fit and healthy, so limit those takeaways and junk food. It’s actually pretty easy to cook, and there are loads of free recipes online to help you unlock your inner chef.

Our top tips are:

Plan meals for the week as you spend less money being tempted by the food on offer at the supermarket.

Buy in bulk and cook in bulk. You’re going to have spag bol more than once, right? So why not cook up a massive batch at once, it’ll cost less than doing smaller portions every week. Plus the flavour gets better the second time around. Freeze the portions, then write what it is and when you froze it on the bag; seriously, this will save you a world of pain when you’re trying to work out what the food is and if it was frozen this year or 2013.

Don’t throw away leftovers, save them up and find ways to reuse. Sam’s Tuesday breakfast surprise ’19 could be a thing of legend.

Choose your supermarket carefully as you’ll easily pay 10p+ on an item from a corner shop or express supermarket than hitting up a Lidl or Aldi. If it’s not easy to get to a cheaper supermarket, sort out a big food shop with your housemates and get it delivered from Tesco or Asda. It’s dead easy as you can sort out a shopping list and then use it again and again; just don’t forget to set up a standing order to whoever is paying, meaning it’s all sorted.

Fresh Gear

Just cos you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give up on updating your style. Bargains can be found, you just got to know where to look! Start with getting a few good quality clothes that’ll last, your essentials like jeans and trainers, and mix it up with fast fashion so that you are fresh and sorted for the year. Check out our latest lines, our clothes use quality fabrics, look sharp, and totally fit in your budget.

Nights With The Boys And Girls

Going out is a big part of student life, it’s the way you’re gonna meet new people, but when you’re on a budget you gotta choose your nights out, be a bit strategic about where you go and when. Weekends are pricier because they cater for people with jobs too, so see what’s about during the week as pubs, bars and clubs often cater for students.

One way to save pounds is have a pre-party at home. Invite your mates round and get the beers on the go, maybe have a game or two, watch some footie, then head out when the clubs are getting busier. Get to the club just before the ticket prices go up and save yourself an entrance fee. Or just have a party at home, everyone loves a good house party!

Smart and wallet-friendly, our knitwear comes in a range of head turning styles. Choose from crew neck jumpers, half zip tops, and slouchy designs that look great on a night out.

Keep an eye out for our offers and grab awesome discounts with us. We’ll keep you looking fresh.

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